What do people think about your business? What are they saying about it? More importantly, what are you saying about it?

Most people believe what they hear. Why wouldn’t they? But bare facts rarely strike a chord with our emotions.

If what you want is customer conversion, what you need is the power of persuasion. How do you get it? By mixing in the right circles. By engaging in the right conversations. And by saying the right things.

Being present makes you available, accessible and approachable. It keeps you in the loop and top of mind.

Being relevant reinforces your credibility, demonstrates your knowledge and experience, and allows you to engineer your reputation.

Being conversant enables you to respond to the big issues, share your ideas and suggest your own solutions.

This is how the people who matter most get to know you and come to like you. It leads to trust and ultimately gives rise to influence.

But there’s a fine art to the science. Eloquence.